Lijó Group

50 years working together

Currently GRUPO LIJÓ consists of four national companies: Lijó Ageitos Jesús, Lijó Faraldo Jesús, Obras y Servicios Lijó SL y Lijó Instalaciones y Servicios del Barbanza SL, and a subsidiary MAIN PACIFIC based in South America that develops projects in America.

We have a staff of 20 technicians in Spain and 15 in South America, all trained and qualified in the various fields related to the activities of the company.

“Our main goal
is your profit”
Lijó Group

Our Experience

What we do

In all our work, we apply our knowledge and experience and all our enthusiasm, so that the end result is the most suitable for the customer.

Civil Works

We work in public and private initiatives in the territory, so that such action benefits to society

Electrical Installations

We perform electrical installations to meet the needs of a work, equipment or facility, public and private


Installation and maintenance of pipe networks for water and sewage disposal, as well as heating


We install air conditioning in interior residential and commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment to improve efficiency


We install energy efficient lighting in interiors of industrial buildings, commercial premises and outsides: lighting and gardens


Our clients entrust us with the conservation performance of maintenance, corrective, scheduled or upgrade of facilities and equipment


Grupo Lijó has started, several years ago, its international expansion. This allows us to serve large companies and institutions in other countries and offer our expertise to multinational companies with multiple locations.

Latest Works


Installation and commissioning of the new logistics center. Electrical, plumbing, fire, sanitation and voice and data networks.


Installation and replacement of warehouse logistics. Electricity installations, fire, voice and data networks.


Cogeneration plant: gas plant, transformer substation, electric panels and isolation.


Installation and commissioning of the facilities of 4,000 m2 dedicated to cannery, 3,000 m2 for cold rooms and 7,000 m2 logistics center dedicated to storage and distribution.